The largest event in the wood industry  |  2022 - Poland+USA

Series  wood  summit  2022

The summits provide an opportunity for invited business owners, top-managers, leading experts and international speakers to discuss current challenges in the timber trade market, digital issues that are changing traditional business models. The visitors will identify key technologies & solutions in the timber trade, forestry, supply chain, etc.

Offline & Online participants

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The B2bWood Club Events brings together all world’s leading timber organisations. This Club will help you to grow and improve your business, organising business trips and missions for the experience exchange with international colleagues.

 Regular work-shops & trainings will help you track current business trends, improve internal processes of companies and increase productivity. The B2bWood Club rovides services for business issues, consulting.

Key speakers B2B Wood

The leading experts and professionals from the industry

Key speakers B2B Wood

The leading experts and professionals from the industry

Jaakko Rantanen

Senior Consultant at Indufor

Image Description
Nicholas Weber

CEO. Forest Chan

Image Description
Enda Keane
CEO. TreeMetrics

Image Description
Paulius Zolubas

Deputy Director at State Forest Service

Image Description
Swapan Chaudhuri

CEO, CoFounder. Deeplai (Poland)

Image Description
Amir Rashad

CEO. CenterSource (Sweden)

Image Description
Alex Wysocki

General Manager, EU operations. PNORS (Australia)

Image Description
Anton Holmström

Head of forestry products. Katam (Sweden)




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